Apple Under Siege From Apps on Cheddar

From Wall Street to Silicon Valley, these are the top stories that moved markets and had investors, business leaders, and entrepreneurs talking this week on Cheddar.


U.S. equity markets turned it around Friday, but the S&P 500 ended down for the week, after several wild intraday swings. A growing heap of worrisome economic data, combined with a resurgence in virus cases both in the U.S. and Europe, as well as a gathering sense of concern that the presidential election could be contested, came together for a volatile week of trading. On the economic data front, another 870,000 Americans filed for first-time unemployment benefits the week prior, a sign that the recovery could be stalling out. But investors also took heart in the news that House Democrats and the White House have restarted stalled negotiations over another rescue package. There appears to be a new sense of urgency in Washington over a new stimulus, as restaurants, bars, and hotels around the country…

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