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Denton door supervisor saves friend’s brother in car park stabbing

Connor, 23, from Denton, works for ABM Group Ltd and is also a CCTV specialist. When he was on duty on Tuesday 7 July, he received a radio call from security control telling him that a young man had been stabbed.

Without hesitation, Connor grabbed a first aid kit from the control room and rushed to the scene. The man who had been stabbed was lying on the floor clutching his chest. One of Connor’s colleagues had caught the man who had carried out the stabbing.

Connor starting by checking whether the victim was conscious. He appeared to be in shock from loss of blood. Connor cleaned the wound and began packing it with bandages to stem the flow.

While attending to his wounds, Connor realised that the victim was the brother of a friend. He reassured him while keeping pressure on the wound. Crown Point’s Shopping Centre Manager, Alan Barker, and his colleague, Lisa Craig, ran to the scene to help and called the emergency services. Connor continued to reassure the victim while…

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