AI-based cyber challenge

Our AI-based cyber challenge

Are the good guys and girls winning the AI-based cyber challenge wars or are we slipping behind as cyber-battles become more of a competition between AI systems rather than human hackers and defenders?

These were some of the issues discussed during the recent and virtual Australia Israel Innovation Summit (AICC) session on Cyber Security Threats and Challenges.

AI-based cyber challenge

Panellists on the session were first asked whether we were winning or losing the cyber wars so far, and Assaf Mischari, Partner and the Head of Research at Team8, a company-building venture group based out of Tel Aviv, Israel felt attackers were favoured over defenders at present.

AI-based cyber challenge
Cyber challenge: There is a looming issue in cyber with the sophistication of AI

“I am pessimistic,” said. “Unfortunately, I think we’re losing. There’s a gap between attackers and defenders and the gap is driven by asymmetries.”

Mr Mischari said some of the asymmetries in advantage between attackers and defenders had been known for…

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