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How DIY Security Dealers Defend Themselves

You may assume that DIY security companies are more likely to face liability losses. Legal expert Ken Kirschenbaum explains why that’s not true.

Considering do-it-yourself (DIY) security companies have been around for years, statistically speaking there should have been liability losses by now. Have there been claims against DIY alarm companies where the system has been professionally monitored?

What about any against alarm companies where the system is self-monitored (customer elects on contract to not have signals forwarded to a monitoring center but instead sent directly to them via text and email)? That model has also been referred to as monitor it yourself, or MIY. Have there been any settlements or judgments?

If not, how might courts view such cases in comparison to professionally installed systems? How do insurance carriers assess and formulate premiums for DIY companies? Not all DIY companies are the same.

Some actually do…

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